My First Enterprise2.0 Experience


The Enterprise2.0 (e20) Conference at Boston was a great conference for me to attend.  I was better able to understand “The State of Enterprise2.0″ and where other companies are in their e20 journey.  Some companies are further along in their journey like EMC, CSC, Cisco, etc… and some are in the middle and some new. 

I especially enjoyed the E2.0 Black belt Practitioner’s In-Depth Workshop session presented by Susan Scrupski and the 2.0 Adoption Council team.  They are great mentors and practitioners of e20 in large companies and the knowledge they share is invaluable to any company trying to implement e20.

  • Pointing back to the business case
  • Addressing pain points
  • Listening
  • Addressing “what’s in it for me?”
  • What success means
  • Collecting anecdotes
  • Key stakeholders
  • Elevator Pitch to the CEO
  • Real benefits
  • Knowing your influencers
  • Education plan
  • Culture, Culture, Culture

There’s so much more I can write about but the presentations on the 2.0 Adoption slideshare will do better.  I especially liked the interactive portion of the session and hearing other company’s experiences.  Rather than summarize the entire conference, Jim Worth has a great one-stop wiki to get most of the blogs on the conference.

I saw somewhere on the web that there were over 19000 tweets on the conference.  Our JME (Jive Market Engagement module) caught 14,028 from 6/11 to today.

Seeing the key influencers was interesting as well.  Luis with 623 hits and Claire with 320 hits top the list of influencers on the web:

Blogs are popping up daily about the conference.  So far 475 blog posts.

Lastly, here are some collections of tweets I found interesting:

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