container: “#embedded-feed”,
network: “nike.com”,
feedType: “group”,
feedId: “4892527”});


Testing Yammer Embed

container: “#embedded-feed”,
network: “nike.com”,
feedType: “group”,
feedId: “4892527”});

Resetting Your Yammer Inbox


This app is now deployed as a global app at:  http://codecutter.selfip.com:8080/resetinbox.html

I once pair programmed with a super smart but highly moody & verbally abusive coder.  I took it for awhile until one day, I lost it like a samurai and I threw his monitor to the ground.

Well, it took awhile before we started talking but our relationship healed like a huge scab and it is stronger than ever.

So what does this wonderful story of healing have to do with ResetInbox?  Yammer has no functionality to reset your inbox.  Your messages can pile up faster than the abuse I took.  So I wrote some code to clear it out:  https://github.com/kendomen/yammer-clear-inbox/blob/master/clearinbox.html

Authentication with Yammer Javascript SDK & Things That Can Go Wrong

Anyone that’s in a relationship knows that what the other person says and what they mean can be vastly different.  And so it is with Yammer authentication.

The Basics

1.  Add the yammer sdk and enter the client_id of your application. (Note: the library changed recently to c64…)

<script type="text/javascript" data-app-id="********"

2.  Add the login button in the body.

<span id="yammer-login"></span>

3.  Add the login function

function login() {
        yam.connect.loginButton('#yammer-login', function (resp) {
            if (resp.authResponse) {
                document.getElementById('yammer-login').innerHTML = '[You are logged in!]';                

login login copy

He Said, She Said

1.  “Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource…”

Add the host ip that your app is running on in the Javascript Origin section under “Basic Info” of your app.

Many times, this can happen because you’re calling http://www.yammer.com -vs- api.yammer.com

2.  “JScript5:  Access Denied” (in IE)

Add https://*.yammer.com and the host of your app to the Trusted Sites.

3.  You can just call  yam.getLoginStatus… without the login button but in Safari this seems to fail.

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