Resetting Your Yammer Inbox


This app is now deployed as a global app at:

I once pair programmed with a super smart but highly moody & verbally abusive coder.  I took it for awhile until one day, I lost it like a samurai and I threw his monitor to the ground.

Well, it took awhile before we started talking but our relationship healed like a huge scab and it is stronger than ever.

So what does this wonderful story of healing have to do with ResetInbox?  Yammer has no functionality to reset your inbox.  Your messages can pile up faster than the abuse I took.  So I wrote some code to clear it out:

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  1. Phil

     /  November 11, 2014

    Way to Samuraize the verbally abusive coder’s monitor!

  2. Thanks Phil! Hope you’re still cutting code!


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